Cardinal Keith O’Brien: “Wear proudly… the cross of Christ… each and every day”

In the proud tradition of the bold and saintly bishops of my clan, Cardinal Keith O’Brien is responding to all the UK harassment of Christians wearing crosses with a call for all Christians to wear the cross, every day, in the form of a lapel pin or necklace or other practical garb. He notes that this serves as “a simple indication… that you value…Jesus Christ…, that you are trying to live by Christ’s standards in your daily life.” But of course, it’s also a peaceful defiance against persecution.

Time to bring out the old battlecries….

Lamh laidir an uachtar! Strength from Above!

(Or if you want to go Scottish, Deasag an uachdair!)

UPDATE: Okay, so he turned out to have done some really bad things. That doesn’t change the rightness of what he said.


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One response to “Cardinal Keith O’Brien: “Wear proudly… the cross of Christ… each and every day”

  1. joy

    I hope the British take up the challenge and wear their crosses. I have a gold cross I always wear. I treasure it for its symbolism, but also because it was a gift from my Mom.

    On another subject, I read about the book linked below on Lindsay Buroker’s blog. I was thinking its Russian flavor might appeal to you:

    Also, when we went to Marcon on Saturday, it was clear that attendance was down by a third, if not a half. This Easter schedule debacle may kill the con.

    I hope you are having a blessed Easter Sunday!

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