Things You Wouldn’t Do to a Dog

Englishman jailed for blogging for 89 days in downtown LA. It’s amazing how bureaucratic inter-agency jurisdictional nightmares like this never happen to bureaucrats. (Via Instapundit.)

There’s a plug for Catholic Charities. They’ve got a lawyer program called the Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project, which is apparently trying to help foreign folks in trouble. (Mostly Hispanic folks, as you can tell from the name, but other folks too.)

Once the poor guy got in touch with them through the chaplain’s office, a lot of the red tape went away and he got out.

There was a really disturbing article the other day about how many jurisdictions are charging extra fees on all sorts of court-related stuff, including charging people a fee to get a court-appointed lawyer. This article claims that a lot of people inside LA’s jail system go hungry, with extra rations for sale to those with money. Sounds very Newgate Prison to me, and not in a good way. Sounds pretty corrupt, in fact.

Jails and prisons should be Spartan, sure, but nobody should be going hungry. Everybody should know how long they’re going to be there. The way they’re running things in LA is obviously not working in any way.

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