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H.G. Wells and Orson Welles, Ponified

Bronies have an extremely active fandom. Here’s an example: “An Equestrian Invasion,” a My Little Ponified version of the classic radio play, The War of the Worlds.

It’s interesting, because you’ve got a fan group with great tech, pretty good acting resources, a lot of enthusiasm and thoroughness, and absolutely no radio play production experience. So they throw themselves into it, do 65 hours of production work over six months, and get pretty decent results after reinventing the wheel. 🙂 I suspect we’ll see a lot of this, as the Internet makes it easy both to discover some facets of an activity and not find the other people doing it.

As usual, there are a lot of sudden converts to audio drama sounding off in the comment box. 🙂

However, contrary to the YouTube comments, there are a lot of audio drama folks (especially the pros in the UK) who would contend that radio drama is not a lost art. (And get off my lawn, yearlings!)


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Heartless and Shameless? Or Adamantly in Denial?

A really remarkable case of drinking the Kool-Aid, published on Mother’s Day.

All you have to do is pour maple syrup on that pile of fecal matter, and there’s always somebody who’ll think it’s pancakes!

But it’s the one who ate it who’s desperate to persuade everyone else. Pancakes just like that have to be served for breakfast every day from now on, and everybody has to chow down. Because that’s the only way to prove it was right to start eating in the first place.

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Eyrie.net Gryph’s Marvel Takeover Rant

By special request from the eyrie.net forum-dwellers, an audio version of Gryphon’s Marvel takeover rant from 2006. Includes some swearing, but mostly crazy ideas.

I think it’s funny stuff, but then, I have a few bones to pick with Marvel’s current editors and staff also….

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That There Wallaby Looks Like Good Eatin’.

Apparently it’s time for Dave Freer to throw another wallaby on the barbie. 🙂

Includes interesting picture of wallaby meat that he’s getting ready to cook. Because you just don’t find wallaby in the butcher case at Kroger’s.

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That Scottish Chick Singing in Gaidhlig During the Disney Brave Trailer

She’s named Julie Fowlis, and she’s got music in the actual movie, too.

She’s really good. Made me shut up muttering about the trailer before the Avengers, when it was saying the magical Scots didn’t have any stories about where they came from.*

Anyway, check out her webpage. I guess we’ll hear more about her soon. That “Heisgeir” project sounds very exciting, because that’s where some of the people allegedly descended from selkies used to live. There’s a great “Heisgeir Seal Song” that I picked up from that North Uist songbook thing in the library, and I’d like to hear somebody do it more authentically and less crappily than me!

Here’s an old YouTube video of her singing. I think it’s the same song they had in the trailer.

Here’s a very nice video for “An Eala Bhan”, a WWI love song written in the trenches. The lyrics and the translation are both given, so you can see and hear what’s being sung, and how the language works. (Irish and Scottish poetry is easier to understand than prose, so it’s a good place to start.) If you know Irish songs, you can see that Irish and Scottish Gaelic are still very close in a lot of grammatical features and vocabulary, although the spelling and pronunciation have gotten wider apart.

You’ll also see the well-traveled word “gruagach” or “ghruagach”, which means something like “long-haired one.” In this context (and most of the time) it means “beautiful maiden;” but it also means a kind of horrible monster or wise old wizard, sometimes!

Here’s an interview with her and other folks.

(*The Scots not only knew where they came from; they had all the stories in the Book of Invasions, plus the stories about the Welsh-Scottish folks, the Pictish-Scottish folks, the Danish-Scottish folks, the English-Scottish folks, and the various clans claiming fairy/intelligent critter heritage. People were pretty sure they knew where they came from in Scythia, Galatia, Spain, and Egypt. Some of it was bogus factoids; but you couldn’t accuse them of not being grounded in them.)

(Not knowing where the heck you come from is a modern problem. If you were Irish or Scottish or Welsh, you probably had way too much information about your ancestors and their doings. Yon princess should have been complaining about having to memorize centuries of clan genealogies and the battles and strange events associated with the names of every stone and spring in the near vicinity. And if there’s not a story, the Irish and the Scots will make five up while you wait. Sheeeeeeeesh.)


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