Happy St. Isidore the Farmer’s Day!

This also happens to be the old second minor Rogation Day, so there’s double the prayers for the land and crops!

St. Isidore the Farmer isn’t the same as St. Isidore of Seville. Both Isidori came from Spain, though. San Isidro (the farmer one) is very important in Mexico, so the bishops in the Western US tend to go with him as a patron for farmers. So today EWTN’s daily Mass featured a special prayer for farmers and ranchers.

Here’s a nice page telling his story and his wife’s.

Most countries have a good assortment of farmer patron saints and farmers who became saints. There’s also a lot of weather saints, anti-pest saints, pro-livestock saints, crop saints, farm task saints, etc. that get a lot of farmer love — again, tending to vary by region. Since America has so many different ethnic settlement groups and so many different kinds of farmers and climates, you will probably find most of the world’s farmer saints honored here somewhere, by somebody!


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