Free Kids’ Movies at Rave Motion Pictures Theaters

I don’t know how long it’s been going, or how long it’s going on, or which of your local theaters is participating, or whether you’ll like the selections. I think it just started this week, and will keep going for nine weeks. It looks like they’re shipping the prints to different theaters each week, so some theaters don’t start for a few weeks yet.

But they’re having free movies.

Obviously they’re going to run those commercials for the charity, but they also want to teach your kids how to go to the movies. (And to want to go, so they’ll have another generation of patrons.)

And honestly, going to the movies in the middle of the day with a bunch of other kids — that’s not the worst way to learn. Takes a lot of pressure off, if you do it that way instead of waiting for some party with people you know.

A lot of movie chains run various “free” or “discount” events during the weekdays, to fill empty theaters. Many have discount days as well as the traditional matinee pricing. Some libraries, universities, etc. also run movie stuff during the summer, and some parks do “picnic-in” night movies on big screens or convenient building walls. So if your A/C breaks down or you need a cheap daytrip, consider going to the movies cheap.


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