How Four Kosher Butchers Brought Down the New Deal

FDR’s NRA agency instituted sweeping laws to micro-manage all US production and trade. The sweeping laws went against kosher regulations for chicken, and put four good men in prison. They fought back, showing that they were neither rubes nor dishonest, and beat the NRA.

When the Supreme Court struck down the NIRA law as unconstitutional, FDR reacted with fury and his stupid, tyrannical court-packing plan, which of course backfired on him. Score another one for the Schechter brothers and their fight to clear their names.

Also, we find out what “glatt” means. Or at least I do. 🙂

(Btw, the Joseph Heller who was their lawyer isn’t the guy who wrote Catch 22.)

The Forgotten Man by Amity Schlaes sounds like a darned good book.



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2 responses to “How Four Kosher Butchers Brought Down the New Deal

  1. May history repeat itself with Obamacare and Catholics.

  2. Holy FRICK! So THAT is where the morons bugging my folks got their ideas about animal control– I’ve got to send this to my folks, my mom keeps having to deal with folks whose “new idea” involves forcing people to buy this or that without choice.

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