“Dr. Jin” — KDrama gets a little weirder.

Dr. Jin, a brilliant young South Korean neurosurgeon is mysteriously thrown back in time to Korea in the 1860’s. Where he of course meets with a nice young Korean girl and dramatic events.

The funny thing is that, when he’s getting chased at the beginning, he gets chased through terrain that’s routinely used as locations for historical fiction Korean TV shows — so routinely that even I’ve seen it. So I’m like, “It’s Cortez Rocks! Except in South Korea instead of California!”

One thing, though — in the flashback to modern times in the first episode, there’s a surgery on someone with an embedded dead fetal twin, and they don’t spare the realism; and they use it as some kind of spirit presence controlling the time travel. And then there’s a whole bunch more yucky surgery stuff. So you might not want to watch that part, or indeed most of the first episode, if you’re sensitive to anything of that nature. Pretty blood-filled, I’m telling you. There’s five minutes or so of historical at the beginning, and then the time travel kicks in again at about the 35 minute mark.


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  1. “Features big Korean hats.” Love it.

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