Elementary at Comic-Con

It looks like CBS got a good crowd at Comic-Con for their panel and screening. They’ve got a video up on their webpage.

First interesting thing — I see some reviewers who are starting to lose their skepticism.

Second, apparently there are a huge number of fannish folks of Asian background who are fans of Lucy Liu, beyond the usual number of people who will tend to like a specific star. Not surprising, in retrospect; but it’s nice to see her work being appreciated.

Third, I’m just glad that it wasn’t a humiliation. The cast and crew have caught a lot of guff up to now (mostly thanks to BBC Sherlock fans that decided to be haters, or people who are legitimately worried by the female Watson concept). Now they’ve gotten to see that a good chunk of us viewers are openminded and ready to be entertained.

The Holla Tumblr blog folks were there, showing off their promotional swag T-shirts! Lots of pictures worth looking at, and videos from the panel. (Good stuff about the female Watson from Rob Doherty.)

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