Listening to the News

They dug up somebody who knew the Aurora shooter, and it turns out that he’s another case where the person seems to have been mentally healthy until after high school. That’s actually pretty common, for certain kinds of schizophrenia and physiological mental illness, including the Arizona shooter.

So instead of saying, “This guy just got sick at a certain time, but before that he was okay,” the interviewer tried to turn a class clown, friend to everybody but not particularly close with anybody, into a “lone wolf.” The whole definition of a “lone wolf” is that he doesn’t hang out with anybody! This isn’t to say that a class clown isn’t likely to have a lot sadness and insecurity. But the whole point of being one is that people want you around!

Do these newspeople even listen to themselves?


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4 responses to “Listening to the News

  1. I wonder if he smoked Marijuana in high school; my brother’s friend’s older brother had a similar “normal, normal, normal, starts seeing stuff that’s not there” in his late teens. A lot of good, smart kids try it at least a couple of times if they’re popular, or wish to be.
    There have been several studies that show an association, and I believe it was Norway that corrected for probability that the poor folks with “events” were already going crazy and turned to MJ for comfort. And the face-eating guy only had THC in his system, not bath salts. It’s common knowledge that modern marijuana is a LOT stronger than just a few years ago, let alone the 60s, so maybe when they were raising the THC by selective breeding, whatever triggers psychotic breaks got increased as well? (Might be the THC, for all I know.)

    As for the disgusting character slaughter… bet it made them feel safer, didn’t it? Instead of the truth, which is that people can go insane and you can’t tell who will do it– they could even be great friends and people whose hardware just gets misaligned– if they can say “he was a freaky guy that you just didn’t like, didn’t get along with people, always something off about him.”

    They are bullies. Truth and the honor of others is going to be second to stories that make them feel better. Expected in, oh, housewives (raise a hand) and blue-collar workers, or those military drones, but somehow shows up more in the “really smart” groups. Shocking.
    (Sorry if the bile drips off this paragraph, a bit. I share your disgust, and it comes out rather scornful.)

    When I heard the bare facts– gas can, multiple weapons, going to a big Batman movie premiere, wired apartment– it jumped out to me that it sounded like it was from a comic book. Mark Stein mentioned that the Batman comic even had a similar storyline at one point. Argues for it really being a tragedy; insanity isn’t really something you can preemptively manage with our current setup.

    • Re: marijuana, there always used to be a lot of talk in Victorian times about marijuana and hashish and the like causing psychotic behavior in some people. This got pooh-poohed in the Sixties and Seventies, but now it seems to be coming back in real life. Maybe it’s some kind of recessive gene in marijuana, or maybe it’s just some sort of aide effect reaction, but it does seem to be a real and dangerous problem.

      • Maybe they paid more attention… I mentioned the study to some family members, and those that smoked howled about how it was BS, and ended up with their only supporting claim being that they didn’t know anyone who’d had psychotic events. I was able to come up with several without going into family members that had had them, and recently.

        There was a correlation between the younger it was smoked originally and how likely an event was, so I’d guess it’s a chance of rewiring your brain?

  2. Hearing on Dark Secret Place he was on stuff for acting out in class.

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