Penn State Won No Games from 1998-2011

As part of the NCAA sanctions against Penn State for putting coaches’ needs and PR ahead of little kids’ safety, every single football game they won between 1998 and 2011 no longer counts as a win.

I guess they get to keep their defeats.

And the shame, of course.


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7 responses to “Penn State Won No Games from 1998-2011

  1. Steven P. Cornett

    Thus, we add an attempted real life “Retgone” to the real life crimes, as if the tens of non-winning athletes ran ungames for unvictories.

    Is adding Doublethink in any way a remedy to a grievous injustice? History, even sports history, cannot be “retgone’d” by committee.

    • Disqualification and forced forfeits for cheating and “unsportsmanlike conduct” has always been part of athletics. (Well, ever since we eliminated things like killing people for cheating.)

      • Steven P. Cornett

        How did anyone on that team cheat?

        The people committing the unsportmanlike conduct are dead or should be in jail. In any Penn State game that you know of, where was there unsportsman-like conduct worthy of this?

        If you want to discredit Paterno, do it to Paterno. Have his memoralbilia be taken from the NCAA hall of fame, and have the plaques to winning coaches leave a number and a blank around his name if you wish.

        But hundreds of people, some of whom played their entire athletic careers there, have been made unpersons by an act of “truthiness by committee. There is no justice in that. To say otherwise is to make an entire group of athletes, most of conduct that is unquestionably sportsmanlike, and some even valorious, scapegoats to other’s sins.

        If you want to punish the institution and “change it’s culture”, then they should have disbanded it for two years. The football team would have had a whole new staff from top to bottom; it would be an effective “do over”.

  2. Steven P. Cornett

    Even in the worst sports scandal known to date, the Black Sox scandal, where eight baseball players of the Chicago White Sox threw the 1919 world series to the Cincinnati Reds, the essential act of correction by the White Sox was to suspend the players, even though it cost the team the playoffs. Technically, the team could have rallied and played; the possibility, even with the loss, was above zero.

    Nobody back then even thought of “nullifying” the record to say that the White Soxs lost one game in 1920 to 1921 that they actually won. The records are still intact, Curse of the Black Sox and all.

    As well, how about Pete Rose. Charlie Hustle is guilty as sin of gambling on baseball, and even admitted such. While he is banned for life from baseball, none of his records have are retgone. They will never be recognized or honored, since the ban disqualifies him induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but that was seen as sufficient for Major League Baseball. He still is recorded has having made:

    – 4,256 career hits
    – 3,562 career games played
    – 14,053 career at-bats

    His breaking of Ty Cobb’s record for most career hits was on September 11, 1985. It occurred while he was making the bets that he was banned for, and yet no thought was given by MLB to retgone his career hits made during that time and move Ty Cobb back to #1 career hit king.

    If refusal to honor with induction in the hall of fame is sufficient justice for the actions of a crooked player in the MLB, should it not be sufficient for the NCAA?

    • The rules for amateur sports have traditionally been much more stringent than the rules for professional sports.

      And yes, of course Penn State is being nuked. They are being made an example of. The NCAA is trying to retrieve the reputation of all college sports programs, while simultaneously warning all college sports programs to look to their own child protection records.

      Schools apparently aren’t impressed by money fines or by athletes and coaches going to prison, based on all the shenanigans that have kept occurring over the last twenty years. Teams are full of rapists, bandits, and murderers. Adding pedophiles to the list of coverups in the name of sports is not really surprising, but it gives the NCAA an opportunity to see if athletes and coaches care about their mark on history at all.

  3. Steven P. Cornett

    I don’t argue with Penn State being nuked, and that is exactly the point of the punishment. The Nittney Lions will play the season starting in September because they have contractual obligations to do so, including the season tickets which they would otherwise have to return. It will, I suspect be the last season for many more years than the NCAA could shutter them for with the “Death Penalty”, whose maximum is two seasons.

    You can bet the accountants at the University are even now crunching the numbers on their spreadsheets, and pretty soon will come to one conclusion; Penn State cannot support having a Division I football team play four years as a cost sink instead of a cash cow and support the teams they must have under Title IX. They will tell relay to the board what the NCAA may have already informed them sub voce, “the Lion’s days are numbered.”

    My point is not to defend the school or its program. My point is to defend truth; it makes a more shocking and dismaying statement to let the scores and the banners stand in a desolate stadium than to believe an institutional lie simply to feel we are superior. We are all sinners, and all require God’s grace to avoid a fall. Even decent men can make horrible decisions. The fall from grace of Joe Paterno with his records intact is an unpleasant truth which must be defended precisely because it is true.

    The truth is what, or more precisely Who, sets us free. Lies, even noble lies, are the actions of those who are actually slaves.

  4. Steven P. Cornett

    Don’t forget also the other message the NCAA very directly left to the players who desire any chance at Professional level play, “all roads lead out of formerly Happy Valley.”

    The coaches of other colleges are already beginning to descend on the Beaver Stadium parking lot. The other vultures, you can bet, have already got their tickets books, their rentals reserved, and their pitches readied, and will swoop down shortly to pick the bones of the now big flat cat.

    If Penn State football happens again after 2013, it will no longer be Big 10 league football, and may not be Division I. It may be entirely possible, even with the backhanded Damnatio Memoriae, that students at Penn State will decades from now will not even know that football was played there, as odd as that sounds now.

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