Jeff Foxworthy’s Bible Quiz Game Show!

Jeff Foxworthy’s hosting The American Bible Challenge, a new quiz show based on Bible trivia.

Like The Singing Bee, this show seems to be designed to allow a wide variety of Americans to play successfully and to show their knowledge. It also looks like they’ve added a fair amount of icebreaking into the game, to encourage camera-shy people to do well on TV. Unfortunately, it’s only being shown on the Game Show Network, which isn’t on basic cable. They have a tab for “full episodes” on the show’s website, though, so you may be able to watch there. Right now, they only have ad trailers up, including showing people at a casting call in Dallas.

It starts August 23, 2012. The contestants play for charity. I’m pretty sure the questions will be based on the abridged Protestant Bible version, so it should be a few percentages easier for Catholics! Jewish folks will obviously have a harder time, unless they are total book nerds. (Maybe as time goes on, they will have OT days and NT days.)

Apparently they are avoiding the “chapter and verse numbers aren’t always the same” problem, by asking questions based on categories and info. I don’t know how they’ll get over the translation versions being different, unless they just allow a range of several correct answers (which is how I’d do it, and which is easy enough to do with all the parallel Bibles software and research sites out there).

Via the Deacon’s Bench.


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