Patristics by Alma-Tadema!

This one cracks me up — “The Conversion of St. Paula by St. Jerome”. I think the picture of St. Paula isn’t too far off, but Jerome had already done a stint in the desert by then! He doesn’t look nearly skinny and sunburnt and ascetic-y enough! I suppose the point is to explain why some people would criticize Jerome so much for having all those rich Roman widows as Bible study friends.

“Venantius Fortunatus Reading His Poems to Radegonda VI” is from Alma-Tadema’s earlier period of interest in the Merovingians and other early medieval folks.

“Interior of the Church of San Clemente, Rome” — pretty nice.

This is the sort of place that early Christians with wealthy converts among them would use as a “house church.” Because it’s just that big. We also know they rented the sort of meeting room/eating room places that pagans hired out for their trade and burial clubs, if they didn’t have a permanent meeting place like a house church. (Because there were legal disputes later on about ownership and usage at such places.)

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