Back to School Jeans?

I keep seeing back-to-school sales on jeans and denim advertised.

A) Never was I allowed to go to school in jeans; even in public school it was against the dress code. So even in college, when I could have worn anything, I wore regular casual pants, not jeans. I didn’t like to waste my two or three pairs of jeans on non-fun.

B) August and September are too hot for jeans. Most schools have A/C these days, but buses and the outdoors don’t.

C) Probably kids wear jeans to school nowadays because they’re not allowed to play after school. It’s all sports and shorts.


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One response to “Back to School Jeans?

  1. It probably has to do with what you’re used to- our school didn’t have AC as far as I can remember, and I always wore jeans. No matter the weather, be it snowing or over 100. Half the time I was wearing a bulky sweater, too, but that was vanity.

    I don’t think I OWNED slacks until my last two years….

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