Derbyshire’s Combox Commenters Are Creepy

Mr. Derbyshire wrote an innocuous little article about how he is now becoming a Civil War buff. (US Civil War.)

The comment box is full of people who are not Confederate buffs, but apologists. The creepy kind of apologists. Lovely.

Now, I have plenty of patience for people who want to argue the South’s case, and I’ve been familiar since childhood with it. My dad’s a Civil War buff, and he taught history, civics, and social studies of every sort. My family is straight up Union in our sympathies, but we are not ignorant.

But the creepy people are definitely in residence on this thread. It’s a disgrace to the real history buffs.

Anyway, the current creepy version of Confederate enthusiasm seems to be that either all Union soldiers were rapists and murderers and unChristian, because anybody who was born six inches north of the Ohio River was instantly possessed by a Gerasene herd of demons. Also, northern corporate leaders had magical mind control powers, and little old lady Abolitionists in churches in Massachusetts were actually suicide bomber terrorists.

My great-great-great joined the Republican Party and the Union Army early, because (like many Midwesterners including Lincoln) he once took a flatboat trip to New Orleans to sell goods. And there he saw the infamous slave market.

Here’s a nonfiction account of a man sold there by a fairly humane slaver.

A historical slave market tour in today’s New Orleans.


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One response to “Derbyshire’s Combox Commenters Are Creepy

  1. Two points:
    1) yes, Taki’s has some seriously strange folks.
    2) there’s a chance that some are bored college kids mimicking what they think his commenters would say, what with that big blowup when he did a white version of “all white people are evil and cops will all screw you over” talks.

    I’ve got to thank God that I can’t imagine such a thing. It’s a rare time in history when we can say they’ve got no concept of how slavery can be.

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