Four Percent: A book about Eagle Scouts

The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are wonderful organizations that get boys into the great outdoors, give them a safe place to mess around with dirt and Cool Stuff, kill bugs with fire without turning into psychopaths, make friends, learn and do interesting stuff, occasionally spend time in front of their friends with their dads and even their moms without terminal embarrassment, and basically turn said boys into human beings and gentlemen.

If you’re a woman who likes men to be strong and capable without being jerks, you are obviously bound to be a fan of the Boy Scouts. If you grew up as a Girl Scout who had Boy Scout brothers (and thus had the luck to leech off their manual, since Girl Scout manuals get more pitiful every year), you probably maintain a sort of sibling rivalry as well as respect. And if you used to be a Boy Scout and had a good experience with it, again, you’re obviously a fan. Even though the media these days is not a fan of the BSA.

So everybody probably wants to read Michael S. Malone’s book, Four Percent, about the 100 year history of Eagle Scouts in the BSA.


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