Last Mass at My Parish

Well, maybe it’s not the last-last time I’ll go to Mass at St. Albert the Great’s, but there’s no denying that I’m going, and soon. I miss the people and the place already, and it hurts.

It wasn’t like this, when I left my home parish, because first off I was going to college and not really leaving, and then later, I had no idea I’d be out of the parish for fifteen years. I liked my college, but there wasn’t anything particularly to be attached about, in the university parish there. But at this parish, I’ve gotten very attached to everybody, right up to the parish’s patron saint. I’ve been in the choir for more than ten years, and those folks are my club and my friends as well as my fellow worshippers. So yeah, this is a big step and a sad one. But like St. Paul says, you gotta work if you wanna eat.

Anyway, the first reading today was all about trusting God when He tells you to go somewhere (and not sitting there praying for God to let you die, already), so I took that as a little poke from the Holy Spirit. Besides, I’ve been bugging the Lord, St. Joseph, and St. Anthony to help me find a job, so I can’t gloom around ungratefully when they deliver. πŸ™‚ I lucked out with my current parish, so I’m sure that the next parish will also be good for me.



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2 responses to “Last Mass at My Parish

  1. *sympathy* and still excited for you…about how far do you have to move? Any chance you will be coming to the Seattle area? If so, I’ve got a lovely parish for you. πŸ™‚

  2. joy

    I’m sorry you have to leave your parish. I, too, am wondering how far you are moving.

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