Back in Contact with the Outside World….

Sorry not to have posted, but I’ve been in the process of moving to a new apartment that’s closer to my new job. I kinda needed to have my computer moved over here and running, before I could get back in touch with folks through my blog! I have also been in the process of giving up my old phone number and relying entirely on my cellphone, so I’ve been sort of incommunicado. (I guess I will have to go to a more expensive cellphone plan than paying twenty bucks every three months. Ugh. But landlines are so expensive nowadays that I don’t feel I have much choice. So yeah, I will be calling people more when I get this all straightened out.)

Thanks again to everybody for your support. It helps to have you in my corner, and particularly your prayers.

I can’t talk much about my new job (confidentiality agreements these days mention blogs specifically!), but I’m back in the telecommunications side of things. I’m going to be working a sort of help desk/customer service job, with a pinch of sales bonus on the side. There’s a lot of training for it, and even the training pays well. There are a lot of rules to learn, but they are pretty much all sensible rules. (Though you can tell that some were instituted after somebody somewhere did something really stupid.) So they have us follow the rules in training, when it doesn’t matter, so that we’ll know what to do and not do when it does matter. So there’s a lot to learn and a lot to make into habits, but it’s not anything I can’t get along with. But yeah, there’s also lots of customer info involved, because you can’t do the job without knowing a lot about the customers’ account. So that’s the main reason for the confidentiality agreement — keeping us guys from being blabbermouths about you guys’ stuff.

My big challenges at this point are adjusting to my new shift, and getting the right amounts of food and sleep. It’s tempting to substitute food for adequate sleep, especially when you wake up “early” and can’t get back to sleep. See, I’m back to living with a northern/southern exposure instead of a western one, and my curtains aren’t up yet. I also now live in a neighborhood close to our big military base, so I get to hear Reveille played over the loudspeakers at 7:45 on weekday mornings (if the wind is right). I will have curtains soon to block out the light, and I will get used to Reveille and just roll over in bed again (especially since I’ll know it’s not for me), but right now it’s still a bit of work to adjust.

The other downside is that once I start working, I have to work a weekend day as part of my shift every week. Also, you have to work holidays if holidays fall on your normal shift. They obviously expect you not to get sick much, either. You can trade shifts temporarily or get other people to cover your shift (if your supervisor/s approve), but mostly you work your shift.

I can see where that will get wearing, but I do still have two days off a week, and I’ll have all day to get things done when most other people aren’t out and about. Also, I haven’t had much social life while I’ve been unemployed, whereas I’m going to have plenty of social interaction at this job. (Okay, a lot of it will be the job, and the customers will be calling because they’re unhappy. But unhappy customers can become happy very quickly if you can do stuff for them. Which you usually can.) People seem pretty pleasant so far.

The weird thing will be having no choir practice at all. I will have to get in my music practice in some other way. But after I’ve worked here a while, I may be able to get back on a more normal shift. (There’s also room for advancement, so there’s that.)

The first day, I also found myself mourning my old job a bit. I heard a lot of familiar stuff, albeit from a different point of view (different line of business, different company, etc.). But I got over that pretty fast. It sobered me up to remember that my old company got sold off after I was downsized, so I won’t be interacting with my old company in this job. I think a few people from my old company work at the new company, though; I’ve seen some names that look awfully familiar.

But after that, I cheered up. I’ve got a job, I think I’ll be pretty good at it, and I like my new place. It is very roomy and comfortable.



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3 responses to “Back in Contact with the Outside World….

  1. Good luck with the new job!

  2. joy

    Do remember to call and give me your cell number. I don’t have it.

    • Well, I’ve had trouble reaching you, because I’m on the go all day after I wake up (in late morning) with moving and various errands, and then I’m at work at night. We can’t have our cellphones on our persons during the job. And on the weekends, I’m going to be moving some more! Also, I’ve been napping a lot while trying to convert to this new schedule. So it’s a bit hard to synchronize with anybody. šŸ™‚

      I’ve been on the go so much with getting this new job, that I didn’t even get a chance to unpack my birthday presents from my parents before I had to start moving.

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