Pray for Jimmy Akin

He’s going to have cataract surgery tomorrow, and he’s requesting prayers.

Cataract surgery is one of the most ancient surgeries, curiously enough.



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2 responses to “Pray for Jimmy Akin

  1. The Vatican-2 heretic cult (founded in 1965 at the Vatican) *cannot possibly be* the Catholic Church … since it *enforces* the opposite, the opposite, and the opposite of the Catholic Dogma.

    The founding documents of the vatican-2 heretic cult … the “vatican-2 council” documents … have well over 200 heresies *against* prior defined Dogma.

    Site > Immaculata-one (dot) com

    Section 12 > Anti-Christ vatican-2 heresies (50 listed) … followed by many Catholic corrections.

    Sections 13 and 13.1 > Photographic *proof* of heresy at the Vatican.

    Because of … the Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy or for physical participation in a heretic cult (such as the V-2 cult) …

    … we were all placed, body and soul, outside of Christianity (the Catholic Church) on 8 December 1965 … the close date of the “council”.

    Section 13.2 > Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy or participating in a heretic cult such as … vatican-2, lutheran, methodist, evangelical, etc.

    Section 19.1 > Dogma on Abjuration for *re-entering* Christianity (the Catholic Church) … after being automatically excommunicated. A Formal Abjuration is also provided here.

    Section 13.3 > Matt 16:18, Gates of Hell scripture … is *not* about the Papacy … defined at Second Council of Constantinople.

    Section 10.2 > Returning to a state of grace, in places and times when Confession is not available, like now.

    Our Lady of Conquest
    Pray for us

    • First of all, it is creepy and un-Christian to hijack a post about praying for a man’s healing.

      Second, you have a very long list of problems here, and obviously I don’t have time to properly address them all at the moment. But I deny your allegations absolutely, and stand with Peter and Christ. I think your understanding of dogma, and the hierarchy of Catholic beliefs in general, is weak.

      If you want to say that many Vatican II documents are drippily written and full of Mack truck-sized holes of vagueness and buzzwords, I will agree with you.

      If you want to say that many of the English translations, particularly those promulgated unofficially in the Sixties and Seventies, of Vatican II documents are erroneous and driven by an agenda, I will agree with you.

      Beyond that, I cannot agree.

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