Slate Article Claims That Minorities Don’t Drink, Work, or Get Welfare

Actually, it claims that since minorities in inner cities are less likely to drive, that they have no state picture ID of any kind. This is BS. I don’t drive, thanks to never having the guts to take the test, and I am constantly carded at businesses for all sorts of purposes.

First off, if you’re really poor, you’re going to have a ton of ID from a ton of different agencies, so that you can collect on public assistance of various kinds. This would include state picture IDs if you don’t drive.

Second, if you get accepted for any job in the US, you have to show several forms of picture ID, birth certificate, etc.

Third, if you drink any kind of alcohol, you have to have a state picture ID unless you are never carded, or other people always buy your booze.

Fourth, if you use a credit card or checks, or if you ever go to the bank, you’re going to be asked to show picture ID. Go to the cellphone store and want to change your account? Picture ID. Do much of anything besides veg? Picture ID.

Given these facts, you’d expect the only minorities not to have state IDs, and thus have trouble voting, to be independently wealthy Mormons, Muslims, and teetotalers of various stripes. This does not seem to be the case.

Hardship would be more likely for self-employed rural people who live a hundred miles from their county seat. And they’re fairly likely to be Caucasian, although I imagine a lot of Hispanic farmers and Pacific Islanders are also affected. I imagine that stay-at-home moms who don’t drive and are supported by their husbands might have problems also. (And of course, if your husband keeps you stuck at home in a burkha, he probably doesn’t want you to have picture ID, take a public bus with men on it, or vote.)

So yeah, I’m really really doubtful about the writing, factchecking, and editing of this professional article, for which several people received actual financial remuneration.

Not checking voter IDs was always premised on having people at the polls who could recognize your signature, and preferably, recognize you as you. It depended entirely on the honesty and neighborhood knowledge of polling personnel (and the vote collectors and counters, more like). Corruption has taken over whenever honesty faltered. In today’s mobile society, and with today’s renewed onslaught of dead voters and Mickey Mouse registrations, we have to do something about corruption. Otherwise, your vote literally won’t count, while your dead granny and various Disney characters will outvote you every time.


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