Banquet Chocolate Pudding!

I’ve never been a big fan of the Banquet fish sticks frozen dinner. Fish sticks, okay. Macaroni and cheese, okay. Brownie, okay. (I swear it was a brownie last time I ate one.) Like a lot of folks, Banquet has been changing their food formulas slightly to keep things cheap. So the fish sticks are now smaller and blander, the macaroni and cheese is watery and blander. And the brownie has been replaced by chocolate pudding, possibly to reduce flour content.

But holy St. Martha! What a great chocolate pudding! It is sweet and chocolatey! It is filling and good! If it came in any bigger portion than a tiny square, I think people would be parading it through the streets or succumbing to orgies of solitary greed!

The ingredient list reveals a lot of the secret. They currently use real sugar, real cocoa powder, and real sweet cream as majority ingredients (albeit mixed into a powder with nonfat milk and whey bits and such). It makes a huge difference.

There is one consequence that you’ll have to watch out for. You cook the fish stick dinner after removing the plastic film, and microwaves make real sugar heat up pretty quickly. So the pudding bubbles and swells while cooking (and you might want to watch out for overflow), and then comes out of the microwave as pudding napalm. So yeah, let it cool down like the package says. Your patience will be rewarded.

If you don’t want to eat the new fish stick meal, you can also get chocolate pudding in the pepperoni pizza meal.

The Banquet individual frozen fruit pies in a pot pie pan are also pretty darned tasty, of course. But the Banquet chocolate pudding is magnificent.



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4 responses to “Banquet Chocolate Pudding!

  1. Marcel

    Those little fruit pies are surprisingly good. I’ll watch for the pudding.

  2. Jenny

    That pudding is incredible! I want to know where to get it alone. And the little sausage and gravy pies are awesome, too

  3. Glenda

    I only buy the fishstick dinner for the pudding. Wish I could just buy a tub of that choc. pudding…Or at least get the recipe..

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