Paula Volsky Alert!

Paula Volsky has written a new fantasy trilogy, under the name Paula Brandon!

For those who haven’t read Volsky, some call her work fantasy-of-manners, and some compare her worldbuilding and prose to Jack Vance. I would say that she’s a historical novelist, except that she writes the history of a different world than ours. (All her books are set in the same world in various places and times in it, except possibly these three.) Hence she draws on many different genres, styles, and moods in her work, and we meet all sorts of interesting or frightening people. Her books are always better executed than any blurb or cover art can express. They often start a bit slow, but be patient. She is setting the scene, and things begin to start happening very soon.

The Veiled Isles Trilogy sounds like classic Volsky, as history (in this case, a rebellion, her father’s past actions, and an impending magic natural disaster) rise up and hit the protagonist (magicless and not a Mary Sue) in the face. The only way to survive is to become clever and adaptable, instead of taking life for granted. Also, as one reader notes, “There’s a prophecy and a robot… world building, political espionage….” As one would expect from the trend of her work, it’s more serious than funny, although I’m sure there are still funny bits too.

The cover art is headless-woman-in-fancy dress romance art, I guess to make Volsky’s disguise more complete. (Although Volsky has always done a lot with love interests, including her early unobtainium fantasy/romance/Gothicness, the Sorceror trilogy.) And it’s trade paperback, which of course is not one’s favorite format — or slightly less pricey Kindle files. And I’m sad that Bantam Spectra isn’t supporting the lady’s work under her own name, but that’s the publishing world scumminess of today for you. But the advantage is that you can buy the whole trilogy at once, since all three books have already come out.

Anyway, it’s three new books by Paula Volsky! Buy it, buy it!

Thank you, ISFDB, for your continuing research into author pen names.

I had noticed the announcement that she had a new trilogy coming out, but no mention it would be under a pen name. Bah.

Spectra has only put out three of her previous books on Kindle and on Nook: The Great Ellipse (a Longest Race or Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines kind of world racing story, which gives you a look at her entire fantasy world in “modern” times), The Gates of Twilight (a Victorian-esque story of a halfblood imperial officer lured to explore his exotic heritage and magic skills, but bound by loyalty and love), and The White Tribunal (the story of a man trying to secure revenge on an evil government at all costs — even his soul and the world).

Many of her other books are incredibly out of print, so hopefully we will see something of them soon.


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  1. joy

    I loved the first Sorcerer book and wasn’t sure about the other two. PV is an odd writer, but interesting. I will wish list her new books. In other news, my cell phone died, and we apparently keep missing each other. I’ll be out of town at B’s this weekend. Email me your number, if you please!

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