Odd Lots Quince Jam Alert!

Odd Lots and Big Lots is a great source of all kinds of weird and wonderful food products, especially things that have somehow wandered here from overseas.

Right now, they have some kind of jam and jelly shipment from a company called Fruppa, which includes quince jam. It’s wandered over from Turkey, of all places. It’s a beautiful reddish amber color, and very good with meat and cheese as well as your normal jelly stuff. I bought two jars. I feel very splurgey. πŸ™‚

Now, this is something of a mixed blessing. Obviously storebought quince jam isn’t going to taste the same as quince honey that I myself made at the stovetop. Also, it’s been made with sweeter quince (as the quince came from Turkey’s nice warm growing areas, not the US); so the flavor depth created by incredibly sour quince and a lot of cooking and sugar isn’t quite as strong.

OTOH, I feel absolutely no fear of experimentation, because I wasn’t the one who went to all the trouble, this time. Which is why I just ate a bologna, Neufchatel cheese, and quince jam sandwich. It was very good. πŸ™‚

(Meat, cream cheese, and quince jelly is a fairly common hor d’oeuvre combination in some countries, so I didn’t just make this up. I just went downmarket.)

I am going to buy me some goat cheese and eat a lot of cracker/cheese/jelly treats, too. πŸ™‚


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One response to “Odd Lots Quince Jam Alert!

  1. bob bitchen

    Fruppa strawberry jam is awful. The strawberries though plentiful are hard as a rock. Find a better jam with less fruit but better quality fruit

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