Happiness Is….

Finding out that, of the three Korean/Asian groceries on the other side of my platte, one serves a Korean lunch buffet on weekdays.

Yes, three. There are a couple more in town, and a couple more over on Airway. This is what it’s like to live on this side of Wright-Patt — lots of folks of Asian heritage, and lots of Wright-Patt people who like the food from where they used to be stationed.

However, the groceries are probably going to move in the next few years, because the base is supposed to be absorbing a lot of the roads that run that way. There’s part of the base that has a state highway running between it, which is kind of a security hazard. They’ve been talking about closing off the highway there forever, and now it looks like they’re finally going to get around to it.

But for now, there are jars of kim chi calling my name.



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2 responses to “Happiness Is….

  1. May you never get kidney stones. It puts so much good stuff off limits.

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