St. Brayden?

Well, this one’s a toughie.

The boys’ name Brayden has become popular because it’s the name of both a famous football player and a hockey player. It also sounds similar to the popular name Jayden, Jaden, or Jadon.

The name seems to come from a common English placename, “broad dean/valley” found in Sussex and Northamptonshire as Braden, Braydon, Bradden, and so forth.

It may also be the origin of the name of Bretton in Yorkshire. If so (or even if not, the nature of names being fluid and prone to glom onto stuff), Braydens can claim Blessed John Britton/Bretton, one of the Yorkshire English martyrs, as their patron. He was a married layman from Bretton who stayed faithful to the Catholic Church all his life, despite frequent harassment by the English government for his recusancy. He spent a good deal of time on the run, evading punishment for recusancy by not being at home. He was finally accused of treason and executed in 1598 as an old man (probably by hanging). He was executed on April 1, but his feastday is on May 4, as one of the 85 Beatified Martyrs of England and Wales. (This is also the new feastday of the sainted Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.)

Here’s a big page about him. His enemies described him and his wife, Frances Wentworth, as “the most obstinate and perverse,” which coming from them was a compliment. His children, Luke, Mark, and Dorothy, are likewise described as “all recusants,” while his sons Richard and Matthew became priests at Douay. Luke apostatized at the time of his father’s death, but later returned to recusancy and sent his son Francis to school at Douay. His wife Frances apparently also apostatized briefly in order to save the property for Luke, but then went back to being a recusant again.

On the sound-alike front, however, Braddan is the ancient Manx form of St. Brendan’s name; there’s a St. Braddan parish on the island even now. So Braydens can also claim St. Brendan as their patron.


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  1. ogwang

    is brayden a saint?????

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