9/11 Again

Until this year, I’ve always been working and living in the same buildings where I spent that day in 2001, with a lot of the same people I was with that day.

Until this year, the sky has nearly always been that penetrating autumn blue, with skies of that eerie cloudlessness.

This year, the immediacy of memory just isn’t there. I didn’t go to bed or wake up thinking about it. It didn’t occur to anybody on the night shift last night. I don’t think anybody’s forgotten — you can’t do that — but the present moment is so full of troubles looming over us, that 9/11 doesn’t loom quite as large as in a time of prosperity. We are used to thinking about bad stuff now.

It hasn’t been a good year, per se, but it has certainly broken me out of some mental ruts.

May the souls of the faithful departed be at peace, and may we pray with them for solace for all those who mourn, and for all survivors. May God’s justice and mercy prevail on earth, as it does in heaven.

Memorials from previous years for The 2996 Project:

Myrna Yaskulka.

MORI Sanae, aka Sanae Mori.

AOYAMA Seima David, aka David Seima Aoyama.

Brian E. Martineau.

The late John M. Ford‘s magnificent poem “110 Stories.”

Espada’s poem “Alabanza” for the Windows on the World staff.

Rest in peace, and may God be good to you all.


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