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In case anybody was thinking that St. Beatus goes all fire and brimstone about the fall of Babylon, he doesn’t. He’s not even interested in that chapter. He doesn’t even copy out most of the chapter or the dramatic lines. He literally manages about a page of commentary on the whole thing, at which point he hurries onward to the much more exciting grapes of wrath winepress.

So much for the “ooh, Beatus wrote his book against Islam” thesis of the art history majors, or the “doomy doomy doomsday” of the literary types. I love you guys, but do read the book as well as the illuminations.

In other news, the anonymous Wikipedians have once again erased all my careful additions of the various editions of the Beatus and of various books which write about it. They also erased everything that was there before, and have replaced both the old pitiful bibliography and my extensive new bibliography with two dubious books I’ve never seen or heard of, much less seen in the bibliographies of Beatus scholarship.

Yeah, I know, it’s an exercise in frustration, but every so often I do try. They are such twits.


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