The Killing of an Ambassador

Any country that will kill an ambassador, or any country that will permit a foreign ambassador to be killed, is an outlaw, pariah country. Every other embassy should withdraw from that country in censure; all of their embassies and consulates should be sent back home.

The sacred status of embassies and heralds is one of the basics of international law and trade, and one of the most ancient and revered customs in all the world. Anyone who would break that law is scum not fit to walk the earth, and not safe to have around in world civilization.

In addition, of course the invasion of an embassy and the killing of an ambassador by a host country, or permitting such a thing to happen, is an act of war. Allowing people to do such a thing on September 11th is twisting the knife. So I guess Libya wants us to bomb the heck out of them, sow the ground with salt, and then bomb the heck out of them again. They have issued an invitation to that effect, engraved on the flesh of our ambassador.

(Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the person currently filling the office of American president is going to order a response that is either stupidly aggressive (hoping to pump up his numbers, and not understanding that this is beyond partisan politics) or stupidly groveling (because that’s his reflex), but most likely both. I can honestly say that I’d rather see Jimmy Carter in the White House now. At least Jimmy Carter loved his country and had served in the military. He wasn’t the kind of boss I’d’ve wanted, being a micro-manager full of wobbles; but sheesh, I wouldn’t let Obama lead me across the street.)

Meanwhile, let’s pray for the souls of the ambassador and his staff, and for the safety of other Americans and diplomats in Libya, and in all the Muslim world. Foreign service and diplomacy are not just about parties and yakfests; they can be very dangerous.

Also, everybody (who’s not a little kid) go watch trailer 1 and <a href="“>trailer 2 of “Innocence of Muslims,” the YouTube video that was used as an excuse for this despicable outrage. The movie is apparently nothing more than a dramatization of various Muslim hadiths about the life of Muhammad, as far as I can tell. What’s embarrassing to Muslims is what Muslims are supposed to believe is their history.

Support free speech!

And don’t forget to pray for the Coptic Christians, who are still the primary target of all this manufactured mayhem.



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2 responses to “The Killing of an Ambassador

  1. Peter A Kacerguis

    …nice words. But how did other countries respond a few years ago when “the students” took over our Embassy in Teheran?

  2. A bit of digging deeper suggests that the YouTube video is just a lame day-of excuse; besides the obvious 9/11 thing, Ayman al-Zawahiri put out a video demanding vengeance for one of those junior terrorists leaders killed in June, and the attacks were oddly organized for even a “mob” mob.

    Agree with the rest, though.

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