Babylon 5 Actor Now National Talk Show Host

Jerry Doyle, best known for playing Garibaldi on Babylon 5 and for his Las Vegas radio talk show, is taking over Michael Savage’s 3 PM to 6 PM timeslot on Talk Radio Network. His show’s been syndicated for a while, but not in my area (that I know of).

I met him once at Marcon in Columbus, at one of his first sf cons, and did a little goferish steering him around. He was a pretty nice guy, and a good talker. Not sure what his current politics are, but he’s probably worth a listen.

Here’s a press release from Talk Radio Network about The Jerry Doyle Show. It includes a link to the show’s webpage, including podcasts.



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2 responses to “Babylon 5 Actor Now National Talk Show Host

  1. The top 100 talker list says he wrote “Have you seen my country lately?” in 2010, so at least right of center. I seem to remember he takes the Limbaugh trick of bombast, too, but he’s got the voice for being a large ham. I’ll have to see if I can find his show somewhere.

  2. Craig

    Clicking through to the show’s webpage today, it has four “recent guests,” two of whom are Sen. Rand Paul and Ann Coulter. That pretty well places him, politically.

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