Chinese Restaurant Served Roadkill Deer?

I believe that they hauled in roadkill. (And who wouldn’t? Fresh roadkill deer is good eatin’.)

What I don’t believe is that they planned to serve good venison to customers, when it would have been much nicer for Chinese cooks far from home to clean, butcher, cook, and eat all the deer goodies themselves, in true Chinese banquet cuisine style. Probably every part but the hooves would have gotten used and put into their tummies, except maybe the hooves. (Although Chinese cuisine does include dishes that would cook down hooves, too.) And if they had used venison in their stirfry, I’d take that as a plus, not a minus.

What I also don’t believe is that anybody from Kentucky actually objected. Man, there are some weenies in Kentucky today. I suppose you might report it if you thought somebody hunting out of season, but that’s about it.

A more robust story from Virginia. Apparently the blood trail kinda grossed some customers out.


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