Andrea Alton’s Demon of Undoing – Now on Kindle!!

Demon of Undoing by Andrea Alton isn’t a super-literary book. But it is super-fun sf with the feel of fantasy, fun aliens, fun alien viewpoint character… and darn it, it’s just fun. It came out from Baen in 1988, and I swear it’s been out of print since 1989 or so. Luckily I bought the book and kept it, and I’ve reread it tons of times because it’s fun. The author hasn’t published anything since, except some indie novels that surfaced and disappeared before I could send money out of my hot little hands. I really really need her to publish more. So I need you to buy this book.

It’s a tale of adventure, cleverness, stubbornness, the bond between brothers in arms, and totally ignoring the Prime Directive. In a good way.

It’s only $2.00 on Kindle. You can borrow it for free, if you don’t trust me. You can afford it.

You will enjoy it.

I do miss the Kevin Davies cover, which was beautiful and book-accurate. I saw the painting for it at my first real sf convention. If life were fair, Demon of Undoing would be an anime with at least 26 episodes of adventure and intrigue.



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2 responses to “Andrea Alton’s Demon of Undoing – Now on Kindle!!

  1. Terabiel

    I agree completely. I’ve treasured my copy and regret the lack of a sequel.

  2. lesley leuzinger

    Please, please write again about the Imkairans, You have left us hanging for too long.

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