My Mother Loves Me!

My parents went to a reunion earlier this month of guys who’d been stationed in the same army listening posts in an allied country. So my mom got all the people who weren’t going to take home their hotel free soaps, shampoos, etc. to give them to her, because her club donates them to a shelter for battered women.

However, like many business hotels, this one also had little coffeemakers in the room with free coffeepot-sized coffee pods, which most of the attendees were also not planning to use. So Mom added them to her requests. Since the battered women have their coffee squared away, she decided she should give them to me!

So now I have a bag of darned fine Columbian coffee pods, and another of decaf. I had a cup of the Columbian this morning, and hoodoggy, were those attendees missing out!


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  1. My mom loves those pods for when the power goes out.

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