Mongolian Love, etc.

The first lady really seems to have lucked out, as she obviously found a keeper of a guy and is happy with blending his culture and family and her own. Most of the other guys sound nice, too.

The third lady is yet another undereducated Catholic, as she actually claims that her husband’s previous tribal, non-legal marriages don’t count as marriages in the Catholic Church. Wrong-o, Miss Unmarried Catholic. Pagan marriages count, in the Catholic Church (unless a Catholic contracts them, and did so under current canon law), and the Church doesn’t care if they’re state-recognized or not. They are “natural marriages.” Naturally, only the first one counts unless the first wife died. And you know, lying to your parish priest beforehand doesn’t show that you have any intention to participate in a sacrament, either. So go get the man’s first and second marriages annulled, chick, especially now that you’ve announced to your entire nation that you’re not married in the eyes of God.

(Or at least consult your pastor and a real canon lawyer, as it’s possible you do have some loopholes you didn’t care enough to find out about. But sheesh, chick, you need to pick up some common sense at the supermarket.)

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  1. Awesome tagline… “Dr Rosamund Ebdon, 45, a civil servant, and Bataa Tserenbat, 43, a Mongolian book-keeper.” *Grin* Anyone else thinking of Conan the Librarian?

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