Still Not Watching New Doctor Who

Every time I find out more about what’s been going on with the new Doctor Who, I notice several things:

1. More ripoffs of old Nineties fanfic

2. More pretentiousness

3. More replacement of the Doctor’s actual personality with some kind of evil twin.

It seems to me that, if I’d actually cared enough to follow closely the old DW novel series, Big Finish and its pre-professional audio plays, and the Doctor Who fanfic newsgroup, there’d be absolutely nothing new in the last few series except the actors. Because I already can see so many, many self-ripoffs by the current writing teams that it’s not even funny any more. Got tired of all the antihero and pretension back then, and now it’s decades older and worse.

Sigh. But I can always watch the real show. Heck, you can watch whole seasons for free on Amazon Prime.

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