The Family Dog Felt Peckish Yesterday

My mom made meatloaf yesterday, and then for some reason she left the meatloaf out on the kitchen counter in the metal bowl.

Rue decided to help herself, which is pretty easy when you’re an Irish wolfhound. But when she took a few bites, apparently the bowl did something to scare her (probably moved or hit her nose), because she ran off like a scalded cat. My parents wanted to see what had startled her… so they backtracked and found the remnants of dinner.

Later that day, still not full (hey, everybody gets hungry in Fall weather), the dog was patrolling the house while Mom and Dad were gone on errands. My mom had been doing something with the boxes of instant oatmeal packets, and had left them out on the kitchen counter.

Did I mention that this dog likes bread? And apples? And apple-cinnamon oatmeal was among the packets?

The dog picked up one whole box of oatmeal, carried it out to her normal afternoon guard area, opened the box (probably by shaking it open), got into each packet of oatmeal, ate the contents without eating the paper, and then licked up every last spilled bit of oaty goodness. She is a very neat eater, if nothing else.

And no, no ill effects from her day of mischief. Our previous wolfhound ate a whole loaf of white bread with no ill effects. Rue has eaten whole packets of Fisherman’s Friend without ill effects. She has a pretty good digestion.


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2 responses to “The Family Dog Felt Peckish Yesterday

  1. … I don’t know if that’s awesome, or horrible. Glad she’s OK!

  2. Joy

    There are a lot of good reasons to be tall, goodness knows. How are you? I felt odd without you at OVFF.

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