1. They can call this election all they want, but the provisional votes haven’t been counted. In fact, the Ohio provisional votes won’t be counted until November 17th. So yah, I call BS.

2. It’s amazing what kind of totals you can get with vote suppression and dead voters, which shows that traditional Chicago arts are not dead, but are being passed down by their practitioners.

3. The market for both cheerful escapist stories (a la the Human Wave) and for apocalyptic literature (a la my translation) has just gone up a hundred zillion percent. If anybody has any money left in a year, if the ISPs can stay in business, etc.

4. With my locality’s economy due to collapse after January 1 (thanks to the sequester), my soulless call center job is looking better and better!



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One response to “Optimism

  1. I am holding out some hope. But I live in hope–we are an Easter people, yes?

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