The Real Optimism

One of the more ancient teachings of the Church is that, while we should pray to be spared temptations and trials, we should offer them up thankfully to God when we get them. Like Job, we’re allowed to wonder why the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, but like Job, we also have to refuse to curse God when bad things happen. We should bless God for counting us worthy to be put to the test, even as we pray with all the fervency of kids in school for the test to be over quickly and successfully.

By this measure, God is really really being generous to our country.

And yeah, he’s probably sparing us much worse by giving much of the country a chance to face the consequences of their choices. For those who make good choices, having to face the consequences of other people’s choices is part of being human, and allows us to exercise the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. (And it encourages us to work on educating others. Educating the ignorant is a work of mercy.)

We also need to trust God. We should be prudent and hardworking with our resources, like the Valiant Woman of the Book of Proverbs, but Jesus has also instructed us not to be too worried about tomorrow. We have to have at least as much trust in His plan as the lilies in the field and the sparrows do.

It will help a lot if we stay sane and keep our wits about us. Our God is Reason, Justice, and Love. He gives us a peace beyond understanding. If we grow frenzied or despairing, people will think we are like the pagans, without hope in this world or the next.

God is always with us. We need to be with God. We need to pray often, and keep going to Mass. We need to support the Church and help our neighbors, as a response to God’s love for us. We need to fast and do acts of penitence, for sins of our own and of others. And we need to spread the Gospel, because people desperately need to know Jesus.

The worse things get, the more we need to do these things. All we ever have to do is try to do what He has commanded us to do. In every age, He will do the rest.

Only His judgment of us matters, in the end, and it will matter forever.



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2 responses to “The Real Optimism

  1. Wish He had a bit less faith in us.

    Ah, well. *Girds loins*

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