Dawn Eden on The Journey Home

I forgot to mention that writer/blogger Dawn Eden was a guest on EWTN’s talkshow The Journey Home on Monday. I got to see about two-thirds of the show on-demand, before work on St. Albert’s Day on the 15th. It was very interesting. You can watch the show or listen to the podcast on EWTN’s various YouTube and audio library outlets, through their website.

It was strange but fun to see her talk about various times in her life, before and after her conversion, which I remember from reading her contemporaneous blog. Naturally there was a lot more going on than what she was writing about then, and a decade has given her a lot of perspective. So yeah, there was a lot of stuff to think about!


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  1. joy

    I wanted to let you know that I forwarded you a goodreads email from a friend of mine that lists some books for Catholics that you might be interested in.

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