Thanks for the Favor, St. A!

Yesterday, on St. Albert’s Day, I found out that they were moving some people to the day shift. I asked my supervisor to look into me being one of them, he kindly did so, and I am now working days!

Naturally I am grateful to my supervisor. I’m sorry to be leaving his team, because it’s a good one.

But I do want to put in a plug for St. Albert the Great. He’s vastly underrated as an intercessor, especially since I wasn’t even praying seriously for this favor and was totally taken by surprise. It is very much appreciated, though. I didn’t so much mind working the night shift, but my mother and father were very worried for my safety and weren’t getting their proper sleep. That’s not great, for older people, and I kept wondering if my job were costing them years of their life.

I freely admit that I am glad to be back on a normal schedule myself, though of course morning comes awfully early now!


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