Making Homemade Udon

I didn’t mention this before, because I’ve fallen way behind in watching Space Brothers. But it’s a good time of year for making noodle soup, so you might like to watch this episode of Space Brothers and learn how to make udon noodles from scratch!

Udon are wheat noodles, made with water and salt. The Japanese make various sorts of soy broths to put the noodles in, and also add various ingredients according to local and seasonal tastes. Of course, you can use the same technique for making noodles for chicken noodle soup, etc.

A lot of people have those skinny French rolling pins for making French bread, but the Japanese rolling pins are really skinny. Still, I think you can still make the udon just fine. I suspect that kids will really enjoy kneading the noodle dough with their feet, though, and doing it in a ziplock bag keeps everything pretty sanitary. Singing the udon-kneading song is optional.

The udon sequence starts at 11:30. The astronaut trainees start making it, and then there’s a flashback to Mutta learning how to make it from his “aunts” (ie, local friendly adults, not actual aunts) Sharon and Tamura.

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