A New Catholic RPG!

Tabletop roleplaying.

Set at Detroit’s Shrine of the Little Flower — in the future.

Yes, it’s Cloisters!

“Welcome to a new Dark Age. Mankind has tried to blow itself to Hell and nearly succeeded. After the fall, there was a backlash against technology — that burned books, engineers, and educators.

“You have chosen the hard path of knowledge and are actively working to end the new era of ignorance and superstition. You are a monk in the Order of Saint James the Literate. Your mission is to collect and disseminate knowledge – to teach and help the people who are left.”

You can get the PDF for just $14.95. It comes on CD.

So yeah, basically this is fun for people who like Chronicle for Leibowitz Stirling’s post-electricity stories, or TV’s Revolution.

Mr. Tucholka of Tri Tac Games is a nice guy, and is perhaps best known for his gritty but fun pre-X-Files urban fantasy RPG, Bureau 13 (aka Stalking the Night Fantastic), his grim military post-nuclear RPG, The Morrow Project, and his pre-Stargate portal travel game, Fringeworthy. He’s been creating RPGs since the 1970’s, and he’s produced or written a little bit of everything. He also has a great sense of humor! So support small Michigan business and check it out!

Tucholka’s games and supplements are very adaptable to other gaming systems, so don’t be afraid to mix and match with your own campaign. (Actually, a lot of people like the atmospheres better than the gaming systems, although your mileage may vary.)

Also, check out his freebies! (Includes a couple of free mini games and modules.)

And don’t forget the cookbooks! (Includes a couple of free recipes.)

(Btw, Stargate fans should check out this nice compilation of classic Tri Tac covers. As you’ll see when you get to the Fringeworthy section and look at the 1984 blue cover, Stargate obviously was a tad bit influenced by Tucholka.)

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  1. *laughs* Oh, dear…. That’s horrible, but sounds fun.

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