I have re-learned another valuable life lesson: “The great outdoors is not your friend.”

It seems that when I was airing out the place this fall after most of the flying insects were dead, a few silverfish came into the place and nibbled on some of my books which were stored by the window. The other books seem to be untouched and I’ve seen no other signs of silverfish, so I appear to have gotten off lightly. (Or the periodic waves of cold killed them off; or they just drove them into dormancy so I’ll see them again.)

I plan to get hold of my friend, diatomaceous earth, to rid myself of the problem more permanently. (If you don’t have cats or little kids to get into your corners all the time and get into the diatoms, it’s excellent passive insect control. Especially since it never wears out.)

I’m very annoyed at myself. Granted, I’ve never had a garden window before, but that’s no excuse.


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