Audible Loves R.A. MacAvoy

The renowned Eighties fantasy writer, R.A. McAvoy, was yet another casualty of the midlist chaos of the Nineties. It appears that she really did finish her Lens of the World trilogy, for one thing, but I never saw Book 2 or Book 3 until tonight, on the Audible page for her books.

She’s an interesting writer. Tea with the Black Dragon, and its lesser but fun sequel Twisting the Rope, are about an ancient dragon who falls in love with a geezerette Celtic musician who studies Zen. Her Raphael or Damiano trilogy (depending on whom you think the main character is) was one of those odd medieval fantasies of the Eighties that really took medieval history seriously. It’s about a Renaissance guy and an angel (and their friends and beloveds) getting into lots of trouble. The Gray Horse is about a pooka falling in love and getting into trouble. The Third Eagle is a funny book about a space traveler of Native American heritage. And The Book of Kells is about a couple of modern people timetraveling to medieval Ireland, falling in love, and getting into trouble. I don’t really remember The Lens of the World well, as it was sorta making MacAvoy do standard fantasy, but she even twisted that.

And yes, I suspect the urban fantasy/paranormal romance tie-in is why they’re reprinting her stuff. She’s not a romance writer per se, because she doesn’t follow the tropes, but she’s a very strong writer of love stories, and of fantasy situations that make romance possible and believable.

I don’t know that I found any of her books totally satisfying, because she was gently rebelling against Catholicism when I was trying to support mine. But they’re good solid books that are full of interest and enjoyment, and the characters live, and I re-read Black Dragon, Twisting the Rope, and The Gray Horse when I am in the mood for them. (And I really really liked The Third Eagle at some points.)

So check out the Audible page for her books, and her ebooks too.

(Audible Frontiers seems to be reprinting (in brand new audio format) a number of well-loved fantasy writers from back in the day, like Ru Emerson of the very popular cat questing with princess trilogy. I think this is probably because Amazon likes moneymaking writers, unlike the other publishers. She’s another one whose last few books never showed up on the shelves, so now you can catch up.)


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