“Megan the Mighty Demonslayer”

There are two third rails in MLP fandom which are very seldom mentioned or touched:

1) Realistic treatment of equine anatomy as influencing pony life.

2) The first generation (G1) continuity, with Megan and all of that. (Friendship Is Magic is technically G4.)

D.G.D. Davidson (whom we know as scificatholic) bravely goes forth to touch both rails at once in a fun new story, “A Mighty Demon-Slayer Grooms Some Ponies.” It’s got a lot of good stuff in it, so check it out.

Some horses really don’t like you touching their feet/hooves, but they have to get used to it or the physical problems described in the story will ensue. However, the depths of nerves that Rainbow Dash displays in this story (and in the original ep where hooficures were mentioned) suggests that something bad happened to her at some point. (Which may also explain why she makes a point of living off the ground, but alone; and it may even power her need for speed.) Horses admittedly are really good at getting themselves traumatized by scary things (like paper blowing in the wind) as well as by actual trauma, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was something Bad. But it’s a point that most fanfic writers seem to neglect, whereas most horsey fans seem to be very concerned about it as an important psychological point.

There’s also some fun links in the story comments to some of the old G1 comics and storybooks, which point out some plot points that show up again in MLP:FIM.



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3 responses to ““Megan the Mighty Demonslayer”

  1. Thanks for the plug.

    I went hunting for fan-given explanations of Rainbow Dash’s dislike of having her hooves touched. I found exactly two stories dealing with the issue, and neither of them gave suggestions I found satisfactory or appealing. (Hint: both were explicitly sexual.)

    • Most bronies (or at least fanfic-writing ones) don’t really want to think about ponies qua equines. It’s like the opposite of anthropomorphic fans, who always wanted to learn about animal facts. I realize that this is sensible in a way, because MLP is really about comedy and cuteness, not horse sf/f. (And nobody wants to be the bad kind of furry, if one is sane.) But the reason little girls like ponies is that they are ponies, not because they are humans. So yeah, me for the horse fandom side.

      • Although it does occur to me that if you take MLP:FIM as “beast fable,” then Tom Simon would point out that most of the actual animal habits would be beside the point. So there’s that.

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