Go, Blessed Margaret of Castello!

Blessed Margaret of Castello is apparently the go-to Blessed for kneecaps. You notice the points that atheists tend to think never happen: it involves both a non-Catholic and totally new body parts.

Bl. Margaret was disabled, abandoned as a child by her well-to-do family, and lived a difficult life, working and desperately poor. Yet she grew up not only not bitter, but a provider of alms to others whom she felt were less fortunate than she.

She also has a shrine in Columbus at Old St. Patrick’s, behind the Convention Center. The article also tells some interesting stories about stuff that’s happened there. Some people here in Ohio seem to think she’s a go-to blessed for babies and fertility problems also, but this isn’t mentioned in the article.

Anyway, the secondary point here is that this is the kind of miracle that might count as a sign in favor of canonization. Which would be a good thing, as she’s a great woman to know.


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  1. Joy

    Blessed Margaret is, as you know, one of my favorite people. 🙂

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