More Misrepresentation in the News

I’ve been to a JASNA tea party/meeting, when they came here to Dayton. A few people dressed up in period Regency clothing, but most people wore normal modern clothing. Same with Sherlockians. Same with sf conventions, for that matter. The costumers and cosplayers do their thing, and everybody else does theirs.

Notice how this isn’t pointed out by the newspaper.

JASNA’s not the SCA or Civil War reenactment. It’s reading papers and playing funny games.

Austenland is a totally made-up movie based on a totally made-up book. Made-up. Fictional.



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One response to “More Misrepresentation in the News

  1. Oh, wanted to point out that “Beware the Kawaii”” on the blogroll is no longer a working link.

    And, of course they’re not going to point out the obvious that not everyone comes in situ clothing…stating the obvious is not what the news media is about. I’m reading a book called “Infamous Scribblers: the Founding Fathers and the Rowdy Beginnings of American Journalism” by Eric Burns which drives this point home with vigor (and for sure it’s going to make it to my review list soon enough)

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