“Not-None Norms”

“Normas Nonnullas”, the new motu proprio amending the Conclave election rules, translates as “Some Norms” or “A Few Norms.”

But yeah, “nonnulla” literally means “not none.”

I love Latin.

And here’s that new bit of the oath for attendees where they swear not to wi any fi:

promitto et iuro me nullo modo in Conclavi usurum esse instrumentis quibuslibet ad vocem transmittendam vel recipiendam aut ad imagines exprimendas quovis modo aptis de iis quae tempore electionis fiunt intra fines Civitatis Vaticanae….”

“I promise and swear to refrain from using any equipment capable in any way of the transmission or reception of sound, or of recording images of things done during election time within Vatican City limits….”

The oath ends with the ringing phrase “Sic me Deus adiuvet, et haec sancta Dei Evangelia quae manu mea tango.”

“So help me God, and these holy Gospels of God which I touch with my hand.”



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2 responses to ““Not-None Norms”

  1. Peter A Kacerguis

    Gotta love it! These guys are the “Princes of the Church”…and they have to take an Oath?

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of Roman bureaucracy! It’s called “trust but verify.” And if you end up having to punish somebody for doing the wrong thing (which God forbid), they can’t claim that they didn’t know and weren’t warned.

      And it can never hurt to ask God to help you keep your promises and obligations.

      Anyway, the real point of the oath seems to be not worry about the cardinals or their helpers doing something bad, but of somebody hauling along something that somebody else turns on without their knowledge. For example, anything with a webcam and wifi is potentially vulnerable to being hacked, so they have to promise not to turn it on (ie, use it).

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