Nuns Compete on Bible Gameshow

When the going gets tough, the tough send Dominicans.

Yup, the Ann Arbor Dominicans are sending in a squad of nuns to play Season 2 of the charity gameshow, The American Bible Challenge. Team Sisters of Mary consists of one professed sister (Sr. Maria Suso) and two novices (Sr. Peter Joseph and Sr. Evangeline). The charity they’re playing for is the support of the older nuns of their order. (And that’s not unusual for this game; several Christian charities and non-profits are represented by members.)

Yes, they are competing in their habits. Ann Arbor Dominicans are old school.

However, they’re not even the only Dominican team competing! Team Detroit Believers is playing for the Dominican Literacy Center in Detroit (which is apparently run by the Adrian Dominicans, although you’d only know that if you know what OP stands for in the staff picture). And they’re not the only Detroiters; Team Men of Motor City is playing for Detroit’s Trinity Deliverance Church. So Michigan may have a real three-way battle going.

Anyway, Season 2 starts on Thursday, March 21, both on the Game Show Network and on the show’s website. The first six episodes will each feature 3 of the 18 teams,  competing against each other for a place in the semifinals and for $20,000 for their charity. I’m not sure how the semifinal round works, but presumably it’s two episodes of three teams competing against each other. Then the final show probably has the semifinal winners compete against each other.

Go for it, God’s Dogs!

UPDATE: Mwahaha! I scooped the Deacon’s Bench by three days!



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3 responses to “Nuns Compete on Bible Gameshow

  1. They need a cheering section with that Polish parody of Lady Gaga.

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