Things about Argentina

1. They’re just about the last Spanish-speaking country to maintain the vos forms of address and grammar. (That’s 2nd person plural pronoun and verb forms,  like Y’all. Ustedes/3rd person plural is the formal 2nd person plural.)

UPDATE: More and better info about Rioplatense Spanish here. It turns out that “yeismo” is part of what was going on in the Spanish dub of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, because an Argentine accent is regarded (in the Americas) as sounding educated, urbane, and old-fashioned, and thus compared well to an English accent.

2. They’ve got cattle country, in the pampas. Hence gauchos, steak, and lots of yummy beef dishes.

3. Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro are allegedly as different as Dallas and Austin. Francis I is from B.A. Wow, total brain-fail. Rio is in Brazil, duh me. I think I was thinking about steak, which by all reports is also cheap and plentiful in Rio. Maybe Lent leads to meat fixation.

4. That whole Falklands thing? Still touchy, still calling them the Malvinas there. They also got raided by the UK by ship a lot back in the 1800’s, and even back to privateers like  Morgan and Drake. So yeah, kinda touchy.

5. Tons of English people, and folks from other European countries, immigrated there when it was a frontier all the way to the 1950’s, and people still immigrate there today. Francis I’s family immigrated there from Italy, back when. In Patagonia, there are whole valleys full of native Welsh speakers who’ve been Argentine for generations.

5. Tango.

6. A history full of nasty governments.

7. Fernet-Branca and Coca-Cola, possibly the national drink.

8. Some pretty decent wines.

9. Yerba mate tea. (Just like folks in Paraguay and Uruguay.)

10. The comic and cartoon Cybersix came from there. (And portrays Buenos Aires without naming it such.)



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3 responses to “Things about Argentina

  1. 11. A decent number of immigrants to the US who are legal and motivated enough to join the Navy. (One of the guys in my cal tech school had been a doctor down there, but nothing transferred. I think I was more comfortable with him working on machines, but that’s me.)

    • I did not know that. I mean, we have immigrants from everywhere, and Argentina’s got a pretty fair amount of people, but I wouldn’t have guessed we got that many immigrants from there. Of course, they’ve had some economic and political troubles, but it’s still a second/first world country. So you’d assume it’s less immigration pressure than choice.

      • I didn’t think it was polite to ask “So, what made you want to come here?” to someone who was most likely signed up before 9/11– there were enough folks who would go on a rant about how they had basically signed up for the bennies with low risk, and resented actually having to fight in the military.

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