Department of “In Your Face, Pseudo-Malachy”

Nobody else has mentioned this, but what Pope Francis literally said in his intro speech was that the cardinals went “to the end of the world.”

Heh, heh.



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3 responses to “Department of “In Your Face, Pseudo-Malachy”

  1. *snrk!* I missed that meaning!

    I’ve been casting about the ‘net here and there; evidently no one’s figured out a way to turn Jorge the Argentinian into Peter the Roman yet. Funny thing about prophecies, how they’re alway easier to backfill in hindsight than actually use to predict with.

    I think the best one I’ve seen yet is that there is a link to the “final prophecy” because Berg, from his surname Bergoglio, means mountain and the name Peter means stone. Well, yes, ‘Berg’ does mean mountain… in German, which doesn’t mean a whole lot for an Italian last name. XD

  2. Heh, I missed that completely. I really hope it was intended!

    Nice work on De mirabilibus sacrae scripturae btw.

    Oh, and re “Peter the Roman”, latest attempt I heard was: Francis’ full name includes di Pietro, Jesuits founded at Peter on the Hill, Pope’s parents Italian. Yes, the person who told me DID roll their eyes.

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