What If They Held a War, and No One Reported It?

FPB is a historian by trade, and he sees some scary, scary history in the making — a regional campaign to conquer several African countries.

But nobody is reporting it as such.


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3 responses to “What If They Held a War, and No One Reported It?

  1. Dark Secret Place radio has been reporting on it, and similar stuff, for months.

    While the host does not use non-public information on his show, the fact that it DID come to his attention implies that his military type employers are aware of it, even if the MSN doesn’t mention it.

    • Well, it’s good that the military is noticing it, but it’s bad that the media mostly isn’t. They’re not supposed to let the ordinary voter get blindsided.

      But of course reporting has been going to pot for many years, and this is just one more example.

      • It sort of matters, but since media has never offered anything but a rather silly illusion of knowledge in my lifetime, I can’t really get outraged that they’re still not doing it.

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